This site is designed to help people get control of their thinking about money, so they can use their money – and avoid their money using them.

It’s a free resource, you can use material here and quote it as you want, but I’d appreciate an acknowledgment and/or link for quoting or using. And the logo is copyrighted!

Please look around, there is already quite a bit here and as the site builds it’s going to get difficult to take it all in on one visit.

Please feedback and comment – I’m hoping that people will share examples of what works (and what doesn’t) on subjects such as teaching children about good money habits, controlling spending, finding the money for savings, investing safely and avoiding money rows with partners.  I’m putting some suggestions on the site, but nobody knows it all and everybody is different, so the more ideas, the better.

I’ve also started some lists of where people can go for advice about both the “people” and the technical side of finance.  So there are some places to look for coaching, help in finding the job that you really like and dealing with the stress that money, or lack of it, can bring – as well as where to look for technically good advice on money issues.

Finally, there are some areas for people who are advising others, like financial advisors or coaches and counsellors, where they can share ideas and learn.  You’re free to look anywhere – those areas are accessible, they are simply to allow advisers to find stuff they might find helpful, like workshops, more quickly.

I hope you find it useful!

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