Taming the pound workshop 26th March 2011

If you want to learn more about handling your money, come along to the British Psychological Society Psychology For All Event, 26th March, in London.

As part of the day, I’m running an 80 minute workshop to show you how you can use your thinking to make and save you money.

The workshop is running from 2PM to 3.25, it’s entitled “Taming the pound: Using psychology to manage your money”, and you can register for a place via the above link to the BPS site.  The numbers are limited because it will be interactive, so you’ll be involved in doing things, rather than simply being talked at.

We’ll be looking at four common “faults” that we all have in our thinking.  These are:   

  1.  framing effects and loss aversion,
  2. mental accounts,
  3. status quo preference and
  4. bigness bias.

They are all behaviours that we have, that can cost us a lot of money, but that we can’t “not do”, because they are human behaviours and we are humans.  What we can do is learn to use them to our benefit – which is quite satisfying anyway, and which makes a lot of difference to your money when you stop fighting with yourself and learn to use your thinking to your own advantage.

I hope to see you there.

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