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There are some data out today about the cost to parents of their children, specifically their “adult” children. 

 I’ve been doing a few radio interviews about the psychology of this – why it comes as a shock to people that they will potentially pay so much for adult children, whether it is possible to save for it, why it is so difficult to save and, probably most important, how you can do it!

I’ll do a post about what I’ve said to summarise it, but if you’re in the appropriate regions you might catch (or might want to catch) the broadcasts.  Most were recorded for today, but some will go out this week, up to Saturday.

There are interviews with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Jack FM, Mercia (which I believe gets syndicated or passed on to other stations such as Gem Radio and Beacon & Wyvern) and there’s one on Radio 5 live today.

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