Mum, dad and Wayne Rooney

There was a nice article in the Mail today that quoted me fairly extensively (and mentioned the book), on the lengths parents go to in funding their adult children, with weddings etc.

I also did an interview on Tuesday, 17th May on BBC Radio Wiltshire, with Graham Rogers. There’s apparently a tape of it online, but it seems not to have been put up yet.  As soon as it is, I’ll put in a link to it!

The basic concept was that people are secretive about their income – something I have covered in the book. We got from that onto being happy and ignoring what other people have got (which Graham does very well) and even celebrating other people’s success. Graham  made the point that in the UK, we seem to build people up only to pull them down, while in the US they celebrate success. I thought that this was mainly about whether we think somebody deserved it – it didn’t occur to me at the time but the example I could have used was Henry Cooper, a lovely man by all accounts. Who would have begrudged him a premiere league footballers salary?

But we do begrudge people who don’t seem to deserve it, like most modern footballers!

I did make the point that footballers make stupid tweets, that cause immense trouble and, for example, rugby players don’t. OK, rugby players don’t get paid as much, but even if they did, you don’t see Her Majesty objecting to having Zara bring home Tindall as her fiancee, what would the opinion be of, say, Wayne Rooney! Graham said it would be interesting to see what The Queen made of Beartrice or Eugenie bringing him round for tea!

We had a bit of a chuckle today over how prescient we were. I see Wayne Rooney, has got into trouble for tweeting (to his 570,000 followers!) how he challenged somebody to a fight in the car park (a bit like deliberately swearing into the camera). Can’t see Tindall doing that (or Our ‘Enry, either).

Perhaps Her Majesty would defer to Prince Phillip on the subject of Rooney coming to tea and he would echo Mr. Burns – “release the hounds (corgis)”!


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