Women in the boardroom


I’ve just seen a nice little article Survey: More women reject the executive suite, by Kimberly Weisul on CBS Moneywatch.


It updates, with some current survey data, what I said in my blog on Mindful Money a few months ago, about the incentives in most boardrooms only appealing to men, not to the majority of women.


I’m not sure that people have really understood the psychology of average gender differences in motivation.  There are still ideas about traders and bankers, for example, that suggest they’ve got to be aggressive and competitive, and that women aren’t good enough to take senior roles because they have lower testosterone levels on average.


It’s quite scary really, and although I’ve tried to show how daft that attitude is it still seems to be prevalent, as is the idea that all we have to do is dictate that 50% of boards should be female and suddenly everything will be all right.








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