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I’m doing some interviews, in association with Co-op bank, about the phenomenon of “debtpression”, mild but ongoing depression arising from constant low-level debt.    Here’s where and when I’m on, and the region it’s aired in.       Station … Continue reading

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Etiquette Dilemmas

  I was asked by Prima magazine to give some ideas on some dilemmas people have around Christmas.  The idea was to give the readers some really practical usable solutions.  They couldn’t fit in all of both dilemmas, so here they … Continue reading

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Women in the boardroom

  I’ve just seen a nice little article Survey: More women reject the executive suite, by Kimberly Weisul on CBS Moneywatch.   It updates, with some current survey data, what I said in my blog on Mindful Money a few … Continue reading

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What makes a good banker?

  Most people say – “you judge by results”.  But given that people don’t understand chance ( have hindsight bias (I’ll talk about that another time, but basically we all think we understand why the past happened, when all we … Continue reading

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