Finding help

There are five main areas where you might want help about finance.   Nobody is qualified in it all.  I think I’m probably the best qualified person over the whole field and there are still areas where I’d want to get other professionals in.   If you just want information, have a look round the site, particularly the resources (which has lots of books and web links to learn from) and the categories of interest in the blog (on the left hand side of the page).

If you want specific help rather than just information, decide what it is that you want.  Do you need help in looking at your values, goals etc.,  with a new career you might pursue, overcoming an emotional problems, with the practicalities of finance, or in dealing with debt?  When you have decided what you want you can follow the links below, they will take you to more information about the area, advice on how to choose advisers and more links to professional organisations that can point you in the right direction.

I’m also going to be setting up some lists here to make the search easier, but that will take a little while.  In the meantime, if you want to let me know about good advisors you’ve found so I can add them onto my lists, you want to ask any questions etc. please let me know.

a)       Coaching about your personal style, to help you with defining your values, setting goals, looking at your spending habits etc.

b)       Career guidance, looking at your options for new jobs or opportunities whether this is because you want to change things or whether you’ve been forced to by redundancy.

c)       Counselling, for help with stress, or serious behavioural change that is needed, whether it is about your money behaviour or in dealing with other people (like family) about money.

d)       Financial advice on the technical details of insurance, diversifying investments, costing out different options etc.

e)       Debt and how to deal with the financial problems, negotiating with creditors, etc.

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