Establishing values

There’s quite a bit about values on the site.  What do you value?

I’m assuming you know what you think money is for (if not, have a think about it now – maybe read this and consider what you believe).

If you’re going to work out what you value, there are lots of ways to do it and lots of different techniques you can use.  There are several more in my book but here are a couple.  It doesn’t matter which one(s) you do (one, both, others, ones you make up) choose those that appeal the most, that stimulate you to think.  Make notes on your answers.  Be honest about what you really want (this is where sharing with your partner can be helpful for some people, and inhibiting for others).

Have any notes you made about “What is money for” to hand, but don’t worry about them for the moment.  What do you value?

  • Imagine you’re famous and you get to write your own obituary.  What are you famous for?  What does the Times obituary say about you?  What do your favourite actor, your grandchildren, the friends who knew you say in their eulogies to you at your memorial service at St Paul’s?

What do you value? 

And/or try this:

  • Think about what you value and enjoy
  • Do you value/enjoy your job? 
  • Do you value/enjoy your hobbies?
  • Do you value/enjoy time with your children/family? 
  • Do you value/enjoy things to make people jealous? 
  • Do you value/enjoy your memories of holidays or other experiences?
  • Do you value/enjoy your computer games, Sky subscription or cigarettes?
  • What else do you really value/enjoy?

How much time, effort and money do you put into each of these things? 

  • Is the amount of time, effort and money you put into these things proportionate to how much you value/enjoy them?
  • How many of them feature in your ideal obituary?

Many people spend their time, money and effort on things they feel are worthless, and little or no time on the things they say they value and/or enjoy.  Is that something that you do?

What is your life about – what do you want to be remembered for?  And how much time do you want to spend on things you think are valueless, and how much time on things that are important to you?

It doesn’t matter what I think, what do you (and maybe you partner) value?

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